Offer for entrepreneurs:

For 20 years we have been providing comprehensive legal services to entrepreneurs based in various cities in Poland, as well as in Europe and the USA. The extensive experience of our team of lawyers guarantees the provision of legal services at the highest level and ensures the legal security of our clients.

Our effectiveness and reputation are confirmed by the numerous court disputes we have won and the hundreds of cases we have managed to conclude amicably, which we consider the most satisfactory in terms of economic and time effect. We focus on an agreement and a satisfactory conclusion of the dispute for our clients, rather than an escalation of the conflict.

Thanks to the constant availability of our experts, we continuously provide support at the negotiation stage of commercial transactions, draft commercial contracts and provide legal assistance at every stage of the investment process, including debt collection.

Offer for individual clients:

We have been successfully handling individual client cases for years. In particular, we advise on cases in the following areas:

  • labour law;
  • Family law - matters relating to the division of property and custody of children;
  • Inheritance matters, including estate succession planning;
  • real estate transactions.

Our aim is to explain to our clients every legal issue concerning them in an accessible manner and to guarantee a satisfactory legal solution.

We support our clients at the pre-court stage, striving for an amicable resolution of the dispute. We ensure that our clients' rights are properly protected, including in proceedings before the courts and public authorities.

specialisations (areas of advice):

In order to meet the expectations of our clients, we provide services in all relevant areas of law.

Thanks to our many years of experience, we specialise in corporate law, the construction and chemical industry and public procurement law. We provide services for construction investments.

Our services include both the provision of legal advice, the preparation of legal opinions, the drafting of legal acts, documents such as contracts, articles of incorporation of companies. We conduct a wide range of business negotiations, as well as appear before courts and authorities, and provide the necessary training for our clients' employees and associates.

company law:

Advising on corporate law, including mergers and acquisitions, has been one of the most significant areas of service provided by Licht & Przeworska Attorneys' Office since its inception in 1999. Our lawyers have extensive experience in transactional consultancy as well as in ongoing services and corporate disputes. Additionally, we deal with the preparation of all necessary documents and representation of companies before the registry court.

We provide services both at the stage of starting up a business, advising on the choice of an appropriate structure and legal form, as well as supporting the adaptation of the form of business to the constant changes in legislation, also proposing appropriate tax solutions.

business law:

We provide comprehensive legal services to Polish entrepreneurs, including companies with foreign capital, providing support both in day-to-day business operations and in resolving disputes that arise. Legal assistance provided by us, during negotiations and prior to the implementation of a project, allows us to save time and costs resulting from possible disputes related to the execution of concluded contracts.

By providing legal assistance, also in English, we provide support to foreign entrepreneurs interested in expanding their business into new markets, in their expansion into the Polish market. The legal services offered by the Licht & Przeworska Attorneys at Law Office allow us to identify and choose the appropriate legal form, place of business and solve all the existing and potential future problems related to the conduct of business activity, creating an appropriate legal and tax strategy for this purpose.

civil law:

The Licht & Przeworska Law Firm of Attorneys at Law has many years of experience providing legal assistance to individuals and businesses in the field of civil law in its broadest sense. We assist our clients both with real estate transactions and with the conclusion of civil law contracts in various areas of their business and everyday life.

The provision of our services consists in providing ad hoc legal advice (including online legal advice), drafting and providing opinions on contracts. In addition, at the client's request, we participate in negotiations and in the conclusion of preliminary and final contracts. We have extensive experience in handling inheritance cases (acceptance, rejection of inheritance, testamentary matters, division of inheritance assets). Our lawyers have been successful before the courts in cases of division of marital property, liquidation of co-ownership, neighbourhood disputes and housing communities. In addition, we deal with franking credits and traffic accidents.

construction law:

Licht & Przeworska Attorney's Office offers professional legal assistance in the field of construction law and related administrative proceedings. We reliably help our clients to carry out the investment (construction) process regardless of its stage, and we effectively represent clients in administrative proceedings or before administrative courts. We provide full legal support to investors, including the preparation of draft contracts (e.g. for construction works, developers), legal opinions, applications, complaints, appeals against decisions of architectural-construction administration and construction supervision bodies, complaints to the administrative court. On behalf of our clients, we pursue warranty and guarantee claims and also deal with debt collection For many years, the firm has been providing ongoing legal services to the West Pomeranian Chamber of Engineers. Our many years of experience is a guarantee of safety and satisfaction of our clients.

Banking law:

We advise investors and developers on international and domestic transactions (both bilateral and syndicated). We use our experience and knowledge of banking regulatory issues in negotiations with banks to negotiate favourable credit terms on behalf of our clients. Comprehensive knowledge of the legal environment of the banking sector enables us to provide responsible advice on both transactions and agreements, and ensures clarity and transparency in our dealings with supervisory authorities.

banking law:

We advise investors and developers on international and domestic transactions (both bilateral and syndicated). We apply our experience and knowledge of banking regulatory issues to negotiations with banks, establishing favourable credit terms on behalf of the client. Comprehensive knowledge of the legal environment of the banking sector allows us to advise on both transactions and contracts in a responsible manner, as well as providing clarity and transparency in our dealings with the supervisory authorities.

administrative law:

We have extensive experience in representing clients before public administration bodies, local authorities and administrative courts. Our team consists of experienced lawyers fluently navigating the complexities of administrative procedure. We help clients to complete the necessary formalities, ensure that their rights are respected and watch over the efficiency and speed of administrative proceedings.

labour law:

We provide our legal services in all matters defined by labour law, including the preparation of documents necessary for the establishment and termination of the employment relationship. The cooperation between the Employer/Employee, respectively, and the law firm is primarily aimed at ensuring legal security related to HR and employment policy and minimising legal risks in this respect.

We represent our clients before the State Labour Inspectorate, the State Sanitary Inspectorate and before the Labour Office during all necessary procedures as well as during inspections. We advise employers on both individual and collective labour law. We represent employers as well as employees in litigation in all types of cases, including in the area of non-competition. In addition, we offer assistance with the employment of disabled persons (PFRON).

intellectual property:

The Attorneys at Law Office Licht & Przeworska provides comprehensive legal services to clients who need professional support in the area of establishing, protecting, using and transferring rights on intangible assets. Our lawyers have extensive knowledge and experience in matters of intellectual property law, i.e. copyright and related rights, and industrial property law.

We offer comprehensive legal support in cases involving trademarks, patents, utility and industrial designs and advise on the conclusion of contracts, the transfer of rights, during disputes before the Patent Office or the courts.

customs and tax law:

Our offer of comprehensive legal advice in the field of tax and customs law is addressed to entrepreneurs carrying out transactions on the domestic and international market. With many years of experience, we offer our clients fully professional and effective legal assistance.

The services provided by our law firm in the area of customs law include primarily:

  • Analysis of procedures related to the flow of documents in international trade;
  • Advice and legal representation in customs matters;
  • Support and representation in dealings with customs authorities.

Our experts have been actively supporting clients in the implementation of their business plans for many years. Thanks to our extensive experience and openness to new economic phenomena and trends, we offer the Entrepreneurs served by our law firm effective and modern solutions that help ensure security in the rapidly changing legal and tax environment. We provide advice in particular on income tax, VAT as well as local taxes and fees, inheritance and gift taxes.


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did you know that...

Office of Legal Advisors Licht & Przeworska has been operating on the Szczecin market since 1999. It is one of the largest law firms in Western Pomerania.

The team of the Law Firm consists of 20 highly qualified solicitors and advocates. The main profile of the Law Firm is providing comprehensive services to entrepreneurs, including in English.

We offer services in the subscription billing system (permanent legal service) or hourly, as well as accept individual orders.

Our law firm can boast of numerous prestigious awards, which include, among others; since 2005, third / fourth place among the largest law firms in the ranking of law firms by the daily "Rzeczpospolita" Western Pomerania.